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Architectural Review Request
All exterior changes to your home must be approved by the Architectural Committee PRIOR to work initiation, per the Windham Hill Deed Restrictions.  Changes requiring approval include: Additions & Modifications, Decks, Driveway Replacements, Fences, Gutters, Wood Rot Repairs, House Paint Colors (even if repainting with the existing color), Patios, Roof Replacement, Window Replacements, Sporting Equipment, Substantial Landscaping Alterations and/or Permanent Landscaping Structures.
Please complete and submit the Architectural Request form below a minimum of 14 days before you plan to begin work.  Most requests are reviewed in under 72 hours and submitting 14 days before a project starts ensures there is time for review if additional information is required.
Please make sure that you click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form and you will receive an email confirmation of the request.  All communication about your project (including approvals and requests for additional information) is done through the request system.  To access your request again, you can click the "View Ticket" link found in all email correspondence sent.  
If you do not receive an email confirmation of this request within a few minutes, you probably did not click the Submit button. You will need to submit a new form and remember to click on the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form.
Architectural Review Request
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Please complete the section below with the required information for the improvement you are requesting approval for.
PAINT & WOOD ROT - Provide the exact color number and a link to the online color swatch. Indicate which colors are for house and trim.
DECK & PATIO - Provide the scope of work, materials and contractor. Attach a copy of plans/diagrams of new/additions. Attach a photo of existing structures if it is a direct replacement.
FENCES - Provide the materials, photo/diagram of design and contractor. If new fence, include lot diagram with fence placement ***HOA HIGHLY RECOMMENDS OWNERS DO A SURVEY BEFORE INSTALLATION***
WINDOWS - Provide the window manufacturer, installation company and a link to the exact replacement window. If window is completely new, include a photo/diagram of side of home with placement of the new window.
ROOF & GUTTERS - Provide a detailed material description, shingle color, shingle warranty and contractor.
DRIVEWAY - Provide the material, contractor, description & diagrams of any alterations from the original driveway.
ADDITIONS & MODIFICATIONS - Provide detailed description of materials, scope of work and attached photos of existing home and diagrams of proposed additions or modifications.
SPORTING EQUIP & LANDSCAPING - Provide detailed information on equipment type and location and/or major changes in landscaping/landscaping structures.
Contact Info for Contractor Being Hired
Contractor Name
Contractor Phone
Contractor Website
****Include up to 3 attachments in PDF or JPEG format.****
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