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Windham Hill
Pool Contamination Plan
Windham Hill Homes Association
Pool Contamination Action Plan

Michele Brentano, Director of Pool Management, 913-220-4212
Niko Platko, HOA President, 785-979-6333

Formed Fecal Matter (poop) or Diarrhea in the Water

1. Evacuate from the pool and notify any other persons in the pool to evacuate immediately
2. Call HOA Pool Contamination Contacts
3. The pool will be temporarily closed and gate will be locked until pool can be properly cleaned
Vomit and Blood on Pool Surfaces

1. Block off the area from patrons until cleanup and disinfection is complete.
2. Put on disposable gloves to prevent contamination of hands.
3. Wipe up the blood or vomit using paper towels or other absorbent material. Place used paper towels
in plastic bag, tie to close and place in garbage disposal bin.
4. Keep area blocked off
5. Call HOA Pool Contamination Contacts so that they can come to properly disinfect the area.

Vomit and Blood in the Pool

1. People often vomit in pools from accidentally swallowing pool water while swimming. If a person
swallows pool water and throws it up, it is unlikely to spread illness.
2. If a person throws up more than just pool water – like previously eaten food – into the pool,
evacuate the pool immediately and notify any other persons in the pool to evacuate the pool.
Respond to vomit as you would to poop in the pool.
3. Responding to blood in the pool – Chlorine kills germs found in blood (such as hepatitis B and HIV).
CDC is not aware of any instances in which a person has become infected with blood borne germs
after being exposed to a blood spill in a pool.
These guidelines are in line with CDC recommendations. For more information, go to: