• How can I report an unplowed snowy street?
    Snow plowing in Windham Hill is done by the City of Overland Park.  You can complete an Overland Park Cares Service Request here.  
  • Is there a Windham Hill Homes subdivision map?
     You can view a map of the subdivision by visiting the City of Overland Park mapping page and then enter your street address (house number, and street name).  Ciick here to visit the Overland Park Map page. 
  • Street Maintenance and Street Repairs
    The City of Overland Park is responsible for street maintenance and repair.  To report a problem please submit a service request to Overland Park here

Declarations and Deed Restrictions
  • How can I access the Windham Hill HOA Deed Restrictions
    Click here to view a summary of the Deed Restrictions.
    There are two sets of Deed Restrictions, which read similarly. Click on the links below to access the Deed Restrictions. Please see the section below for the subsequent amendments to the Deed Restrictions.
    Click the links below to view the revisions to the Deed Restrictions
  • How can I view the Declarations for Windham Hill?
    Click on one of the links below to view the Declarations

  • What is the policy on annual HOA dues payment?
     Click here to view the policy.

Garage and Yard Sales
  • Garage Sales: Are there restrictions?
    You may hold up to two garage/yard sales each year. If you hold a sale as a part of the Windham Hill neighborhood publicized sales (Spring and Fall), these count towards your two allowed sales. Merchandise sold at garage and yard sales must be items that you have owned or be items from your home. The frequency and restrictions on items sold are governed by Overland Park code. You may view Overland Park's garage sale guidelines by clicking here.
    Thanks for observing these guidelines and helping to maintain the standards of our neighborhood.

Home Improvements and Painting
  • City Permits for Remodeling and Upgrading
    Electrical,work, room additions, furnace replacement and more often require a building permit from Overland Park. Permit fees are $30/$50 for many projects. Click here to read more.
  • I'd like to paint my house and make some other improvements, should I submit an architectural review request form?
    Yes, the Windham Hill Deed Restrictions call for a review of paint colors by the architectural review committee. You can start that process by submitting an architectural review request form.  Other improvements made to the exterior of your home and on your property are also subject to review. Please check the Deed Restrictions Summary for more information on this topic.

Home Maintenance
  • What are the Overland Park's Guidelines for Property Maintenance?
     Click here to read Overland Park's General guidelines.  If you have questions as to how these apply to you, please click here to contact our Homes Association Architectural Review Committee

  • Pool Parties
    If you would like to make a reservation for a small-group pool party (e.g., birthday, family group etc.) please click here to complete the online form.  Select the date and time from the calendar and when done click SUBMIT to send your request to the Pool Manager for review and approval.  You will receive a second email when your party date is approved.
  • When is the pool open? What do I need to get in?
    The pool is open daily from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend. To use the pool you must have a valid pool pass and a key for the pool gate (if you go to the pool before noon). Pool attendants staff the pool entrance from 12 noon until closing daily.  
    Pool keys are available for a $5 deposit from pool attendants provided that you submit or have submitted the Liability Release noted below. To obtain a pool pass, please:
    • read the pool rules and
    • complete sign a liability release form and include names of all children in your household and
    • provide a color, passport-sized photo for each resident 14 and over. Please write the name on each photo as we don't know who is who. The form and photos can be submitted to the pool attendants or mailed to: Windham Hill Pool Passes, 12903 Stearns Street, Overland Park, KS 66213 or can be submitted online. The pool passes will be available for pick up from the pool attendant a few days after submission. If you submit the form to the attendant, you will be allowed to use the pool provided that you prove your identity.
    • Children 14 years of age and older will be issued their own pool pass. Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by a resident who is at least 16 years of age.
    • Residents are allowed to bring a reasonable number of guests, however the resident host must be present with the guest. If you leave, your guests must also leave. All guests are required to sign the Release of Liability book held by the pool attendant.
    • The pool use hours are 9 am to 10 pm.  Pool attendants staff the gate from 12 noon until closing. Pool passes are required.  If you desire to use the pool before 12 noon, please use your key, but please don't prop open the gate as we have had non-residents try to use the pool. For your own safety, please do not open the gate for anyone without a key. From mid-August we generally only have one shift of pool attendants due to school reopening. Attendants are generally scheduled from 4 or 5 pm until 9 or 10 pm. If you plan to use the pool during this time frame, please bring your key.  
    • If you have any questions, please contact the pool responsible board member by clicking here
    Note that a replacement pool pass may be obtained for a $5 charge by submitting a new completed liability release form and new photographs.

Trash Collection
  • Where can I Recycle Items
    Our trash hauler does not accept glass bottles for recycling. For items not collected, you can click here to locate a nearby facility for the items you would like to recycle. 
  • What should I know about trash/yard waste/recycling pick-up?
    The cost for trash, recycle and yard waste collection is included as a part of your annual homes association dues. Three separate trucks drive through the neighborhood on Wednesdays to provide the three separate services: Trash, Recycling and Yard Waste Removal. Wheeled carts are provided at no charge.

    Policies for Trash Recycle & Yard Waste Pickup
    • Our trash contract covers collection of up to 96-gallons of household trash per week per home, unlimited recyclable materials and yard waste (9 bag limit but unlimited bags in the Fall, October through December) placed into paper bags.
    • Our collection day is Wednesday. If a holiday occurs on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, the trash collection will be delayed by one day.
    • Place carts at the curb by 7:00 am.
    • Place trash and recycle on one side of your driveway and yard waste (maximum 9 bags yard waste) on the opposite side.
    • Place the carts at the end of your driveway
    • Insure that there is clear access to the carts from the street as our trash vendor, WCA, uses trucks equipped with an automated arm to reach out, pick up and empty the carts. If your cart is blocked by a parked car, it will not be emptied.
    • Please place the carts side by side, not behind one another, to facilitate automated lifting and emptying
    • A maximum of 96-gallons of household trash will be collected from each residence each week. Typically this means one 96-gallon trash cart will be emptied. This limit is waived during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday week. If you have more than 96-gallons (equivalent to three 33-gallon plastic bags), the extra bags must have extra-trash stickers on them. These stickers may be purchased from WCA at 816-380-5595.
    • Construction waste or materials require a special collection. Please call WCA to schedule a special pick up (fee dependent on volume and type of materials). Please do not dispose of construction materials in the normal trash carts.
    • Our contract includes a no-charge pick up of one non-electrical, bulky item per month (e.g., mattresses, BBQ grill, chair, couch).  Please call at least 48 hours in advance to schedule the pick up.
    • Appliances, hot water heaters or any item with a motor can also be collected, but incur a charge. Call WCA at 816-380-5595 to schedule.
    • Please visit our web page to request a larger/smaller size cart. 
      • Trash carts are available in 96 gallon sizes.
      • Recycle carts (blue lids) are available in 65 gallon sizes.
    • Click here to view the list of allowed recyclable materials.
    • Place all materials the cart with the blue lid.
    • Do not place glass jars or bottles in the recycle carts. If glass is found, the cart will not likely be emptied.
    • Glass containers and bottles may be recycled at:
      • The Overland Park Recycling Center at 11921 Hardy behind the Fire Station.
      • Ripple Glass (the purple bins) located in the Price Chopper parking lot (just near the south end of the parking lot) at 135th St and Quivira. Click here to view the locations. 
    Yard Waste
    • Normal Limit is 9 paper bags or tied-bundles. Unlimited bags or bundles during the Fall season, October through December.
    • Place loose yard waste in paper yard-waste bags available from most hardware stores.
    • Cut tree branches and limbs less than 4 inches in diameter into lengths not to exceed 4 feet and tie into bundles. Loose tree branches may not be collected.
    Damaged or Replacement Carts
    • Please complete the Trash Cart Request form on our webpage to request that a damaged cart be replaced.
    • New carts are delivered on Wednesdays by a special pick-up truck, not the normal trash truck.
    • Place the cart to be replaced at the curb with a sign FOR PICK UP and leave it there for the afternoon. If not replaced that week, it will be replaced on the next Wednesday.
    Updated March 27, 2020       
  • How do I report an issue with trash/recyclable or yard waste collection?
     Complete a Request ticket here.
  • How do I request a Wheeled Trash or Recycle Cart?
    Please click here to complete and send the request for a trash or recycle poly cart.
  • When is the trash/recycling/yard waste collected?
    WCA provides trash, recycling and yard waste collection service on Wednesdays. Trash collection will be delayed one day if either Christmas or New Year's Day falls on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. 
    All items should be placed at the curb by 7:00 am. The homes association annual dues cover this service.  
    Please help to keep our neighborhood clean by securing items in the recycling carts to avoid litter in your neighbors yards and store trash bins in your garage. Per Overland Park Ordinance if stored outside, trash bins must not be visible from the street. 
  • What materials can I Recycle?
    Click here to view the list of items that are collected.
  • Where can I recycle Glass?
    Glass containers are not collected by our trash hauler, however there are two nearby locations where you can drop off glass for recycling (no charge):
    • Ripple Glass (the purple bins) located in the Price Chopper parking lot (just near the south end of the parking lot) at 135th St and Quivira. Click here to view the locations.  
    • Overland Park Recycling Center, 11921 Hardy, just south of 119th St south of the Fire Station.
    You can also contract separately for regular recycled glass pick-up with KC Curbside Glass for $10 per month (2 pick-ups per month). Details and contact information available here.

  • Reporting a Street Light Outage
    Please report street light outages or malfunctions to The City of Overland Park. Click here for that webpage.